Maximum Quality Construction with Professional, Trained Construction Crews

Our Construction Pros

American Eagle erects all of its own post framed buildings.

Our crews attend training classes and safety seminars. Our construction techniques are unique to the industry. American Eagle believes the more of the building that can be constructed on the ground, the better the quality of construction. This is safer for our employees, and the building is erected in a more timely fashion. Depending upon the size of the building, American Eagle Construction Crews erect sections of trusses and wall columns on the ground. A crane is employed to lift the columns and trusses into place.

No Independent Construction Crews!

American Eagle does not use independent construction crews, which gives us maximum quality control of the construction of your building. More importantly, if there is a reason to service your building, or damage to your building, American Eagle's crews are available and ready to be of service. Saving you the trouble often inherited from independent crews, which may be out of state or unwilling to service your building.

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