Quality steel siding with high R-value insulation for maximum performance

Siding and Insulation

Steel Siding by American Eagle

American Eagle uses either 26 gauge or 29 gauge steel siding for its roof and side walls. We offered both Siliconized Polyester and Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000™ Fluoropan Color paint systems. All of American Eagle's steel is applied with self-drilling, hex head washered, painted screws. The color matched screws are treated with Ultraseal™ to a total thickness of 1 mil and are painted to a minimum of 1 mil thickness.

American Eagle places all its screws in the "high rib" of the steel, not the flat of the panel where water sheds from the building thus deterring leaks from watershed.

Steel Liner & Insulation Options for Your Metal Building

American Eagle's insulation package includes R-19, uncompressed, Fiberglass wall insulation. Attic insulation is Customer's choice between uncompressed Fiberglass insulation of Blown-in insulation. The R-Value for the attic is an R-38. Thus, there is a tremendous year-round utility savings. A vapor barrier is also installed between insulation and steel liner of all our insulation and steel liner packages.

American Eagle offers steel liner packages for its building. The liner may be a standard 29 gauge panel or a perforated acoustical panel to help with interior noise of the building. More importantly, American Eagle "furs out" the bottom cord of its trusses with 2 by 4s, between 48" and 60" on center to help support the steel liner. The steel liner is then screwed to each 2 x 4. This provides a stronger building by tying the bottom cords of the building together and also allows for the steel liner to be run straighter for a more professional appearance and eliminating the possibility of sags in your liner.

American Eagle also installs different types of attic ventilation systems to ensure your attic is free from condensation to maximize your insulation value for lower utility costs.

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