Custom truss sized for your post frame buildings

Custom Trusses

There are NO standard truss sizes with American Eagle Buildings. Each truss is designed and manufactures as per loading and engineering requirements, and more importantly, for our customers' needs. We can offer a cleaspan wood truss up to 100'.

Our wood truss and purlin design differs from many other building companies. Many install their purlins over the top of their trusses. Amercian Eagle precision cuts each purlin in the plant so that the top of the purlin will set flush with the top of the truss. This "locking" of your building creates a stronger structure as well as helping to eliminate areas for birds to roost.

Truss system being installed Barn under construction Trusses overhead Awesome out building Artsy photo os trusses going into place Cuntom truss system Big truss system going into place